Concussion Recovery 20.5-21

I cannot believe today at 2 pm marks 3 weeks since my fall UP the stairs. I never imagined I would still be home recovering…. that I would still have post concussion symptoms along with a bad shoulder injury.

4 years ago I injured my right shoulder and it was so bad I had maybe 10% mobility in any direction. It took 2 years to recover. My now husband (very recently remarried) had me start bowling about 1.5 years into my recovery and it helped so much. Strength built up. 👍

This time it is the left shoulder and mobility is 45% except for outward rotation at 8-10%. Not good. Pain always even when resting…. hence my physiotherapist suggesting to my family doctor an orthopaedic referral. I cannot lift, pull, walk a dog with my left arm or shooting pain…😲

Concussion symptoms better except for lights. Still ambient setting on phone and laptop and sunglasses for the most part outside.

For one who loves natural light and sun…. too bright right now without 😎.


One thought on “Concussion Recovery 20.5-21

  1. rginsberg2 says:

    Healing takes time. You will discover what’s best for your shoulder and for light sensitivity. Count on it… For every day, be as well as possible and build on that, little by little…….just as you have been doing.

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