Concussion Recovery 19.5-20

So, day three of fostering a mixed pit bull with terrier most likely. She is high energy and has separation anxiety. She follows me from room to room and even came in the bathroom when I took a shower.

I took her on 3 walks today and after the last one she would not settle down. She was in ‘crazy’ mode. It took me an hour for her to relax. I was exhausted after! This 15 month old dog has energy to burn.

She needs to chew to curb some of her energy and she destroys a rawhide within 10 minutes.

When I gave out Halloween candy she would not stay in the room I wanted her to. Instead she insisted on sitting in the vestibule on the other side of the door.

As much as we all love her and she is a beautiful dog; she needs a house to roam in and not an upper duplex. A fenced in yard to run free as no amount of walks curb the energy.

I reiterate all the time that we are fostering her and training her. My daughter has become attached. I explain that she is a great dog, but not the dog for us. We can train her a bit and love her, but she will most likely go to another family.

We can still get a dog, but we need one with less energy and less anxiety. Also, preferably hypoallergenic as my husbands allergies have kicked into high gear! He loves dogs and had one before he met me for many years. One that can function in an upper duplex. That made her feel a bit better. We will have a dog, but a different dog. I have put a few feelers out at two animal rescue organizations in the Montreal area.

Regarding concussion- still light sensitive. But it is better. Concentration and memory are improving. Headaches are on and off.

Still cannot take large crowds, too much light or noise. Driving I do very local.

I tire easily, both physically and emotionally, but my sleep is improving: last night I had a solid 5 hours which was more like my usual sleep cycle before the fall.

My shoulder and arm are the biggest issue besides no sunlight or bright lights without 😎. My mobility is not great, it does not take much to aggravate it, and it certainly does not help when I walk into a door frame with my sore shoulder!

On Friday, I see my family doctor. My physiotherapist has recommended I see an orthopaedic doctor for my shoulder and mentioned not cortisone, but another type of injection that will target the pain so I can begin recovery with exercise. Right now the injury and pain is too acute.


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