Concussion Recovery: 18.5-19

Wow! 19 days post fall. I never expected that I would still be off work and dealing with my fall on the stairs; and did I mention I fell UP my stairs? Not my finest moment…

I went to physio Tuesday evening and well, outer rotation of arm has worsened vs. improving. Lifting arm straight up was better though!😊

My post concussion symptoms are improving which is awesome, but my shoulder and arm worsening is not.

As it is aggravated, it does not take much to set it off (the pain). I go back for physio in two weeks and pain or not need to exercise my arm and shoulder between now and then. An orthopaedic referral will be done and suggested to my family doctor by my physiotherapist whom I see on Friday.

Regarding post concussion symptoms. I tire easily. I am irritated easily. Headaches still come and go, but they are less. Dizziness and nausea comes and goes. Concentration and memory are slowly improving. Light sensitivity still there. Noise sensitivity better, but certain frequencies bother me. Driving is better unless too much light out. All of this is normal… to me recovery is too slow, but everyone assured me it takes time.

Ginger forces me out of the house a few times a day so I am getting exercise and fresh air and I am trying to train her. On our walk tonight every so often I would stop and get her to follow the command of sit and she did it!👍 She also gives paw, and rests or lies down (this needs more work).

Sleep- I get a solid 5 hours in a row last night. The first time in 2.5 weeks!!😁I usually nap for 30-45 minutes during the day as I am so tired.


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