Concussion Recovery: Day 17.5-18

So, in order to heal faster I am following the recommendations of Dr. Chiu in the book Brainsave.

I am eating healthier: less refined sugar products, less dairy, less gluten. For supplemental herbs I am taking ginkgo biloba, tumeric in powder form, and magnesium as warranted by headaches or not.

Tumeric we cook with, but now I make a point to use it more or I add to a cup of broth or tea.

I take Motrin for my shoulder and arm pain with Tylenol as needed. This takes the edge off. An incident innocently happened on Sunday night which further aggravated my arm pain.

Call me a sucker, but I had seen all week on FaceBook a post float around about a dog that a person had rescued and was trying to rehome. No one could take him and the shelters were full. We arranged a meet & greet. Not meant to be as he was not a family dog. The woman found a refuge for him though.

Now my husband and daughter have asked for a dog for 2 years and now their hopes were up. As it was a cloudy day on Sunday and raining on and off no 😎 required. I suggested a trip to the SPCA. It was busy- a lot of people looking to adopt pets.

Bright inside so I donned my 😎 and we waited patiently. When our turn came, we went into the dog section and immediately came across Boulette a pit bull mix. She zeroed in on my husband and brought a toy over, and charmed him. She was beautiful too! Soulful eyes and definitely looking for a family home.

We met with the necessary staff, did the meet and greet, took her for a walk and we are fostering her for 2 weeks to see how it goes.

She was so happy in the car and sat in the back looking out the window or trying to climb over onto my husband!

She was excitable as new home, new surroundings. Now we have a cat. So, a lot depends on how they get along. Each knows the other is there and we rotate who is out free while the other is confined in a room for some time.

Sniffings through the door, at toys, and blankets. So far so good. Many walks for Ginger as we have named her as she is 15 months old. She pulls a bit on the leash and is so curious. She loves affection and attention and follows us everywhere in our home. She could walk for hours. I on the other hand cannot and I can only walk her using my right arm.

So, I started writing this to explain my worsened arm pain. Sunday night after walking Ginger, I brought her inside the vestibule and made her sit so I could clean her wet paws. I still had her on leash and remember she still has a lot of puppy in her; she heard my husband walking around upstairs and pulled to go up the stairs. Without thinking I used my left arm to grab the leash; pure instinct. Pain shot through my left arm! Tears came to my eyes and I just sat until it subsided.

My husband took care of Ginger while I popped a Motrin and Tylenol and put heat on my arm. Lesson learnt- do not grab things with the left arm!

Now while home, I worked with Ginger to get her to listen and calm down. We went for about 4 walks during the day to dispel some of her energy. She is so much better. She follows me everywhere in the house and wants to be near me.

My husband came home from work and couldn’t believe the difference. She is much calmer, does her best to listen to commands of down and sit. So, if we can get her to continue like this….. there is possibility of fostering becoming adoption.

We have special treats that are calming for a dog; chamomile, hemp and other natural and healthy ingredients inside and she loves them.

Last night we made a point like one would with a child for quiet time and we kept her close by one of us, but in rest mode. I took her for a walk at 9:30 and she was pretty well behaved! She quietly walked up and down the stairs, she sat patiently by the door.

Dogs are good for people. Mutual love, affection, reduce loneliness, make us as humans get up off our butts and outside for exercise. Win-win, no?


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