Concussion Recovery: Day 16.5-17

So, today was a pretty good day…I slept better. It was cloudy and rainy out so no sun although I still wore shades 😎.

Headache was minimal. Dizziness and nausea though upon awakening……….questionable. I drank my usual ginger tea. It took a good two hours to subside.

The morning was a do nothing morning; Sunday after all, but I had seen on Facebook a story of a dog they could not find a home for. It seems all the shelters were full and no one had space for this dog.

Call me a sucker, but my kids and hubby have been asking for a dog for quite a while. Of course my hubby was my fiancé at the time.

The dog was not for us; as part of my daily outing we went to meet him. He was not for a family, but he was beautiful! He needs a single person to commit to his training.

We did go to the SPCA just to see and again me in my shades…

So, we came home with a foster dog for a few weeks….She picked us! She is beautiful to look at, stunning with soulful eyes and gingery colouring. We named her Ginger. She is the perfect size for our upper duplex.

She needs some training (hubby’s job) and lots of walks as she is very energetic. She has a rope toy and this soft feeling, squeaker chicken toy, and a kong. We introduced her to rawhide bones- totally new concept for her, but she needs to chew.

We rented a crate/cage from the SPCA and she actually goes in on her own, but prefers to be with us. We will do crate and non-crate time with her.

Now, Dixie my cat has no clue what is in the house, but knows someone is visiting (😁). They have not been introduced yet.

Let Ginger adjust a bit and then we shall see!

In the meantime I have a very happy hubby and daughter! Okay and even I really like Ginger….🐕😼 two pet household meant to be???? We shall see.


One thought on “Concussion Recovery: Day 16.5-17

  1. rginsberg2 says:

    Sounds like you’ve found a friend in Ginger! Hope it works out! And my reading of this day is that you really are well on the way to healing. GREAT, Vikki! Keep going…… 🙂

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