Concussion Recovery: Day 14.5-15

I slept a 4 hour block last night! First night in two weeks; 2 am – 6 am!!!

Still no sun without 😎 and fluorescent lights should be banned! I prefer the warm light bulbs that are soothing; ambient lighting.

I have two lamps in my living room that I covered with scarves to dull the brightness a bit- I feel very bohemian!

I felt more energetic today and did a load of laundry, washed the dishes, and wrote for a bit along with spending 30 minutes on social media. I made a great connection regarding my soon-to-be released book.

I offered to do a book review for a local author… I felt somewhat productive.

A friend came to visit me for a bit and we had a great conversation, but I did notice I had difficulty in staying focused during the conversation, could not remember certain words I was seeking, and lost my train of thought. She was very understanding and cued me which was great!

I made a nourishing soup for dinner with chicken and cilantro wontons (store bought). I made myself ginger tea and added tumeric to it.

I began my herb/supplements yesterday with magnesium and tumeric, and today added ginkgo biloba; headaches, inflammation, and concentration/memory targeted!

I did my physio exercises which hurt like heck, but I do want to regain mobility in my shoulder/arm.

Tiredness setting in and planning on listening to a podcast shortly, followed by my nature app of soothing ocean waves to put me to sleep…👍💗

Slept 10pm – 12:30 am! And again from 1-2 am; Sleep cycle continues😕


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