Concussion Recovery: Day 13.5-14

So, what is it like for your family, friends, and loved ones in your circle? How are they reacting to you a week, 2 weeks or even a month after your concussion?

My husband does not like seeing me like this. I am not my usual self and I am always telling him to lower his voice which he finds frustrating.

My response was: “Whether you like it or not, I am light and sound sensitive at the moment and loud talking, loud music, loud TV hurts my head. Not funny and I do not wish this on anyone. I do not shush you to piss you off. I ask you to lower your voice because it hurts my head…😘 read up on a loved one who has a concussion and you will understand.”


“Imagine feeling foggy or fuzzy all the time. Your memory and concentration are worse along with your sleep. You cannot take bright lights or loud noises….your head hurts always; different feeling different day. It sucks! Now add a shoulder injury to that…😕😘.”

Message received.

Hard for loved ones to understand as all is going on inside your brain- not so visible on the outside.

Today, I had to put my symptoms aside and put on my😎 to take my youngest for her high school interview.

High schools are loud! Bright lights too!

Great interview and wonderful person who interviewed her. He kept us a bit later just to chat with my daughter.

Patisserie after for a treat since she did so well in the interview… coffee for the dull headache.

Home to rest.

Music has been my ‘lifeline’ during the past two weeks and both Spotify and AmazonMusic have kept me entertained.


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