Concussion Recovery: Day 12.5-13

It is cold out there! It is only October…so not ready for winter. Have to get the snow tires on my car as I know it will be a snowy winter! Thank you for 4 wheel drive🙏

Last night I found this awesome sleep app for my phone and I fell asleep to ocean waves… I slept 3 hours straight which is awesome!

Shoulder aches, head- low-grade headache and time for coffee! ☕️

So I followed my physio’s instructions of slowly expose myself to more and more light and sound.

It is rainy and no sun today- perfect day to drive to the local shopping centre as my husband is working to pick up a few things. Sunglasses on even in the store. Late morning so not so busy. Got what I needed and came home exhausted. I am ready to 💤💤.

Soft music playing…

I napped for about 45 minutes until my husband came home.

I made a nourishing soup for dinner with peas, barley, and added fresh carrots, celery, herbs and spices which included tumeric known for reducing inflammation.

The book I am very slowly reading from Dr. Titus Chiu, highly recommend for anyone who experienced a head trauma. He himself was in an accident and dealt with a head injury. Common medicine could not help him. He studied and became a licensed chiropractor, acupuncturist, and studied leading brain science articles. He is the guy I would see if he was local.

Headache much better today, but I am taking the magnesium every morning now. Motrin and Tylenol targets my shoulder and arm pain.

Tumeric in an organic veggie broth each day to target inflammation and I do my physiotherapy exercises twice a day. Hurts like heck, but I know the end result will be improved mobility.

Fall asleep at 10 and awaken at 1:30 am; 3.5 hours, slowly improving.

Fall asleep at 3 am for 30 minutes and now wide awake again…


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