Brain Save! Recovery: Day 11.5-12

I was thrilled when this book arrived early! After seeing the book on Amazon; I knew I found the right book, the right author who described exactly what I was feeling, and this was just from the sample chapter!

Better yet, written by a doctor, a neurologist who himself has recovered from a TBI- concussion (Traumatic Brain Injury).

Just the introduction of the book provided me with relief as it was exactly what I was feeling, and it is only day 11 of recovery.

“I get it. You are dizzy, you have brain fog, and when you try to read a computer screen or scroll through your smartphone, your brain and eyeballs feel like they are about to implode.”

Add nausea after waking up from sleeping to the mix, headaches, and head pain.

Add a shoulder injury to it, where it throbs and always hurts… NOT fun, but day by day you slightly improve.

Still light and sound sensitive too…

Smartphone and laptop still set to soothing ambient light feature. No blue light allowed and TV off limits.

Modern technology of podcasts awesome and listening to soothing music.👍

The best thing about this book is Dr. Chiu states it is okay to skip to the end to review herbs/supplements that can help with the post-concussion syndrome symptoms along with some activities and exercises to assist with the brain fog feeling, dizziness, and nausea which includes foods to avoid and foods to eat to boost the immune system and reduce inflammation. Whew- that was only part of one chapter…

*For photos, a big thank you to M M on LinkedIn, your photos cheer me up and provide my soul with nourishment😊

Sleep cycle- 8-9 pm, 10-10:45 pm, 1 am-1:45 am and repeat…

Finally went to sleep at 3 am-6. A solid 3 hours of 💤💤 sleep is awesome!


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