Concussion Recovery: Day 11

So, I went for a physiotherapy evaluation and when you go in and meet the same physiotherapist that helped you 3–4 years earlier because of an injury on your right shoulder, and even they say, ‘Ah, so what happened this time?’ and ‘How bad is the pain?’

Mobility not the best; 45% movement in my shoulder and arm; worse than I thought as I guessed 50% mobility. Outward extension is 10%. Not good.

I am told post-concussion syndrome or symptoms I am experiencing are all normal, and I should slightly expose myself more and more each day to light and sound. I still have light and sound sensitivity.

Today, I felt better driving, but still not totally comfortable and I was told to be cautious and local driving only.

But I had to drop off my daughter’s acceptance paperwork for high school as the due date is tomorrow and I had to get myself to and from physiotherapy which is a 10 minute drive away from where I live.

I came home in pain! To be expected and I did not take any Motrin before my physiotherapy so my physiotherapist could best evaluate me. Heat; magic bag is awesome and Motrin with Tylenol the best for pain.

I return to physiotherapy next Tuesday. I was advised to take all the time I need to fully recover before returning to work.

I am hoping to return next Monday, but that depends on the light and sound sensitivity, and my shoulder mobility.

I have exercises to do twice a day starting tomorrow. I really do not want to take stronger pain medication or resort to cortisone shots unless absolutely necessary. With my right shoulder injury 4 years ago, movement was 5-10% in any direction and the pain and recovery very long. Cortisone shots were needed and physiotherapy lasted for almost a year.

It is 8:48 at night and I am ready to sleep. Long day, but each day gets better.


Slept 9-11:20 pm, now begins the sleep cycle I have gotten used to; sleep a few hours, up a few hours- repeat.

I still cannot sleep in bed as I cannot lie down flat and I cannot risk my husband rolling into or accidentally knocking into my injured left shoulder and arm. The recliner in the living room is my new best friend🤗

It is almost 2 am and I am tired, but cannot sleep: headache starting at the back of my head and my eyes ache.

I finally fall back sleep at 3 am and awaken at 6. A solid 3 hours. Awaken dizzy and with a headache.

Off to listen to music… soothing music.


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