Concussion Recovery: Day 10

Yesterday, I went out for the first time since my ER visit more than a week ago. The brisk autumnal air felt amazing. I was bundled as if it was early winter though in a down coat, hat, and gloves as it was 4C or 38F out.

No sun. But the sky was bright to me and I had the visor down in my car and soon put on my sunglasses.

It felt strange to drive. I could tell my peripheral vision was not 100% and I drove like it was foggy out, but the foggy feeling-was in my brain and not outside.

I was out for 2 hours and I came home exhausted. I was so tired! I ate a late lunch and fell asleep in my favorite reclining chair. The 45 minute nap felt like 3 hours!

I wakened with a jolt, dazed, foggy, and I find my pulse was quicker than it should be.

Still waiting for my book about Mild Concussion and post concussion syndrome from Dr. Titus Chiu. His 6 week to recovery program looks and sounds amazing from the sample chapter I read on Amazon.

Now can I focus enough to read it? I can usually read for hours, but since the fall I find I cannot read very long at all. My concentration and memory which I used to think were amazing are not so amazing at the moment.

Anyone else reading my daily posts and suffered a head injury? Is this normal? How long until all this subsides?

I was asleep at 7 pm and woke at 9 feeling refreshed and now it is 11:30 and time to drift off again…

12:20 and wide awake… officially Day 10 of recovery.

Physiotherapy begins this afternoon to tackle the left shoulder and arm which took the brunt of my fall. I currently have 50% movement in any direction.

I am going back to the same place I went with my right shoulder injury from 4 years ago. That time it was a frozen shoulder with tears. Same physiotherapist too. He did wonders with the right shoulder: let’s hope for the same with the left.🤔

2 am- just woke up after an hour 💤 the all over sleep cycle continues…

Sleep a few hours, wake up, sleep a few hours, wake up…


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