Concussion Recovery: Day 9

So 9 days later and still not fully recovered. Better that is for sure, but I still have a ways to go.

Today, was the first day I ventured outside after my fall… I have had no interest and in all honesty with the way I felt, spent much of the recovery time in my reclining chair by the living room window looking out at the outside world.

I rested, I slept, I listened to music, and podcasts as I could not watch TV or spend much time on electronics because of the blue light they emit.

I had to set my phone and laptop to soft ambient light which was soothing. I could only be on them sporadically in the beginning and as the days progressed 10-15 minutes at a time until where I am today.

I never imagined that I would hit my head and when I initially fell, I knew I hit my left jaw and chin on the stairs, but my shoulder hit first and took the brunt of the fall.

I literally was stunned, but got up quickly, felt the sharp pain in my left shoulder and arm; swore, went and took a Motrin with half a glass of wine, texted my husband that I fell, and just moved on with my afternoon.

I did not realize at the time the extent of my injuries…. my face was sore, but no headache, no pain except for my shoulder.

The symptoms started 14 hours later and actually earlier, but I was sleeping.

I have never hit my head falling before so I was clueless. I thought it was a migraine beginning as I get them sometimes and usually around the change in weather. Except as time went on the symptoms worsened and the dizziness and nausea came in waves, cycling, and the headache worsened. I could not take any lights, sound hurt my head…

My husband was concerned and I suggested an ER visit was needed.

Horrible night of sleep; slept 10:30-12:30, 1:30-2:30, 5-6, 6:30-7. I might as well have no slept. I woke up exhausted and nauseous…. Ginger tea helped.

Had to get up though to get my daughter ready for her all day babysitting course. Luckily, overcast and chilly out which kind of matches my mood this morning.

Autumn is definitely here as it is 3C or 37F out. After not setting foot outside in over a week the cool air was refreshing and invigorating. I had to drive my daughter to her all day course…luckily it is a 10 minute drive away…and thank you seat warmers!

Last time I was out it was much warmer out and only a lite jacket was needed. This borders on winter weather!! So not ready…

No sun though means I can handle being outside though with out😎.

Driving was a totally surreal experience. I was foggy, not sure how else to describe it.

The round trip drive of 30 minutes

Exhausted me though…


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