Concussion Recovery: Day 8

So yesterday afternoon although overtired, headache much better.

Sun still a no-no and I love the sun and natural light. Still need 😎.

No loud noises or loud talking. Easily distracted and concentration limited.

I did call and make a physiotherapy appointments for next week; evaluation next Monday with follow-up next Friday.

I can only move my left shoulder and arm 50% in any direction. Motrin is awesome though, lessens the pain to make it bearable.

Now, because I am recovering my husband cooked Shabbat dinner and did all the food shopping…I can definitely get used to this!

His son joined us for Shabbat dinner and we had yummy almond challah, red kosher wine from Australia, chicken, fish, and baked potatoes with green beans. We will have food for a few meals😊

I have not had much of an appetite for the past week and not that I needed to diet, but lost weight anyway.

My daughter and I lit the Shabbat candles. (The other is away on a school trip.) The men did the bread and wine blessings, and we ate very well!

I retired after to the living room and my reclining chair, and was asleep by 8:30. I woke at 10:15 to begin my nightly sleep pattern of sleep a few hours, up a few hours and repeat. I also woke with a headache. So much for thinking the headaches were gone… each day has different symptoms, but the one that remains the strongest is the sore shoulder and arm.

Morning of day 8- 12:15 am and I am wide awake. So listen to music and podcasts until I fall 😴 and repeat cycle.

Awaken at 3:05, fall asleep soon after, awaken at 5:05… with a headache and such tiredness. Hmmm…made coffee, put on music, and relaxed. Read a sample from a book and looking forward to receiving it; written by Dr. Titus Chiu called, Brainsave: The 6 Week Plan to Heal your Brain From Concussions, Brain Injuries & Traumatic without Drugs or Surgery.

I read a few other book samples over the past few days, but this one spoke to me and I really liked the writing style AND he went through this experience himself. He was in a horrible accident and described the brain fog, headaches, extremely limited screen time, the nauseous and dizzy feeling,

I only get the actual book next week and I am hoping by then I can read it without it being 15 minute spurts!


One thought on “Concussion Recovery: Day 8

  1. Rea L. Ginsberg says:

    Book sounds great. Hope it comes to you soon. AND…David sounds like a master chef! Good for him. Keep eating, Vikki. Don’t let your weight slip. Health is also in good, clean FOOD!! 🙂

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