Concussion Recovery: Day 7

A week, well as of 2 pm this afternoon it will be a week since I tripped going up my stairs. Yes, if you have not read any of my other posts, I tripped over a loose tread going UP my stairs.

My face looks fine, no bruise, no pain- that has healed.

My shoulder is still paying the price of that fall. She took the brunt of it.

My head feels better. Headache is less. Nausea and dizziness is more sporadic, but upon awakening, the feeling lasts a good 30 minutes.

Still no bright lights without😎.

Sleep at night is improving. Last night I slept from 10-4:30, but awakened once in between. First real night of sleep in a week as in like a typical sleep before the fall.

I have not left my house or been outside since last Saturday.

I notice my concentration is questionable, my focus at times is questionable, I am irritable at times.

Considering the headache I had a few days ago I would rather the above…

In doing some research, all of the above are normal post-concussion symptoms.

What I also read in the 10-15 minutes I can read until my head hurts or I feel dizzy: symptoms of post-concussion can be divided into 3 categories:

1- physical, 2- mental and 3- emotional

I have all…


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