Concussion Recovery: Day 6

So, yesterday afternoon I started to feel better! Head did not hurt as much. Bruise on arm from IV slowly healing. Still cannot take bright light or loud noises, for sure no sunlight without 😎. No TV, but I realize I do not miss it.

Chin and left jaw less sore. What hurts the most is my left shoulder and arm. I can only move my arm half way in any direction. I have attempted stretches as I have experience with a bad shoulder. I had frozen shoulder with tears in my right shoulder in 2014. Took 2 years to recover 85%.

I know that a few physiotherapy sessions are needed. But I need to wait until all the symptoms of the mild concussion have improved enough.

I feel more like myself minus the tiredness. A few more days and I hope I can venture outside. I do find I get irritated easily (very unlike me) and my concentration is not great.

Sleep- so I slept from 10-3 last night; longest stretch of sleep I have had since I fell. Woke up in pain though. I was also dizzy and nauseous which lasted a good forty-five minutes. Resting upright wrapped in a blanket helped. Shoulder and arm ache.

So, that burst of energy I had yesterday afternoon is long gone… today I am so tired and doing even something small and I have to rest.

Quite the experience and I do not wish it on anyone, but the research I come across says that 20% of teens will have a mild concussion with 6% being diagnosed with more than one. More than one? No thanks!

According to the CDC, in 2013, 47% of ER visits in the USA were related to falls. 2.8 million TBI- Traumatic Brain Injury/Mild Concussions ER visits, hospitalization, and deaths in the USA in 2013. That is a lot!

  • Among all age groups, motor vehicle crashes were the third overall leading cause of TBI-related ED visits, hospitalizations, and deaths (14%). When looking at just TBI-related deaths, motor vehicle crashes were the third leading cause (19%) in 2013.
  • Intentional self-harm was the second leading cause of TBI-related deaths (33%) in 2013.

Lucky me, although in Canada a fall is the first cause of a mild concussion or TBI.

The CDC further states that recovery is typically 7-10 days. As I am beginning to improve I hope that is me vs. those that have lingering symptoms for months or years after.

Day by day…


One thought on “Concussion Recovery: Day 6

  1. Rea L. Ginsberg says:

    Keep healing, Vikki. I’m sure it’s irritating to have such a long stretch of forced “down” time, but necessity calls. You’ll make it! Keep mending…….and keep watching your medical status.

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