Concussion Recovery: Day 4

There is only so much sitting in quiet one can do. I know I have to be careful with lights, ice my jaw and chin, and rest.

I can only spend so much time on my phone or laptop… background setting set to warm so not to aggravate my head and eyes…

Listening to lots of music and podcasts, 😴😴 and look out my window at nature.

Luckily there is a park right across from me and I am like my cat, staring out watching the leaves fall, the squirrels play, and people watching…

So, did I learn something and did this happen for a reason? I will carefully walk up any stairs going forward and I will learn to rest more.😊

But seriously, one thing I notice is I sleep heavy. When I wake up, I am groggy and a bit dizzy and nauseous. That feeling goes away in a few minutes and then I realize I am really hungry.

Luckily, I am a grazer and eat small amounts all day long, otherwise no exercise and eating often would have a negative result!😀

Is all this normal? No clue…

Podcasts for today were from the Savvy Psychologist which I just discovered, and these brief podcasts are perfect for me length-wise. Check them out if you have not- definitely worth listening to.

Slept from 4:15-6:30 this morning; that was nice. Still typically sleep an hour, up 2 hours, sleep an hour, up 3 hours and repeat.

No bright lights yet… no loud noises, shoulder hurts more each day, face better though- chin and jaw not as sore.👍


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