Mild Concussion: Signs & Treatment

Came across this site while doing some research to see if my post injury symptoms are normal… lucky me they are.– take a look for more info.

After a concussion, the symptoms that occur differ from patient to patient. These include headaches, dizziness, vision problems, trouble concentrating, feeling slowed down, repeated vomiting, sleep problems, and even irritability and sadness. Symptoms may not even appear for days or weeks after the injury.

Falls are the main cause of concussions. Lucky me- I am in that category and I am in my 40’s. And worse I fell going up a set of stairs! Not my finest moment! I tripped on a stair tread and that was it. Happened so fast could not even react.

Got up; intense pain in shoulder; went for a Motrin, relaxed a bit and continued with my afternoon: finished making dinner and thought all was well.

Symptoms kicked in about 14 hours later: dizziness and nausea; bad headache and slowly worsened to could not take bright lights. Off to the hospital we went. Me in sunglasses…

On day almost 5 of recovery, 20 minutes to go. Definitely a whacky sleep schedule, throbbing shoulder pain, still no bright lights or loud noises and I tire very easily. Nausea and dizziness after waking up from sleeping, although ginger tea helps with that and I slowly feel more and more vampire like shying away from sunlight and bright lights and I love the sun and natural sunlight!

Let’s see what tomorrow brings…


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