Recovery: Day 2

After a fall that came so quickly with no chance to protect myself; recovery? No clue what to expect.

My sleep is different that is for sure. I cycle in sleep for an hour or 2, up 2 hours, maybe 3 and back to sleep, because I am so tired and my head hurts.

I have extremely reduced screen time and as a writer this is hard. I have all my devices set to warm background colour so as not to annoy my head. But I can only view for 10 minutes at a time. My hearing since I am listening to music and podcasts feels amplified. I hear everything!

It is 12:30 a.m. and I just awoke because my cat was trying to open the kitchen cupboards. My husband bounds up from the couch thinking the noise is coming from outside. I tell him it is the cat. He goes to the kitchen and the cat; smart gal, comes and curls up in the spot he just left on the couch! Did she do that on purpose?

No TV, I cannot read books as I get dizzy and so it is music and podcasts. I listened to a few today about managing your finances, finding your purpose, and one about science. They cannot be longer than an hour as I fall asleep or I realize I am not following after a bit and the headache starts…

My left shoulder throbs, the right arm at the bend is black and blue and sore where the IV was.

I did remember something my grandmother taught me though; cool witch- hazel compresses. Soothes and the swelling went down, and the black and blue seems to be better.

I am restless as I cannot do much and no exercise except to do some stretches and shoulder rolls for my left shoulder.

Okay, screen time over… head is beginning to ache.


2 thoughts on “Recovery: Day 2

  1. Rea L. Ginsberg says:

    Patience, Vikki! Healing doesn’t always happen in our desired time frame. As I said a minute ago in your other post, your body is forcing you to take some time off. That’s not such a bad idea, esp. considering the speed at which you’ve been working lately. Rest. Listen to your body. Respect what it tells you.

    1. mswwrites says:

      Rea, so I have learned. Music, podcasts, quiet time, snippets of sleep, and a cute kitty to comfort me with nature happening right outside my window.
      I am so into wanting to de-clutter even more, install more lights, tape down carpets, etc…..

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