Recovery: Day 3

Slept for the first time in a 3 hour block; awoke tired and with a headache… no clue if this is normal or not.

I cycle between being cold and warm. After I wake up I am super hungry.

My eyes, my head can only take so much bright light.

I tire easily…

I can read in very small doses…

No TV so I am listening to a lot of music and today will be more podcasts along with more sleep I hope.

I am so bored and tired at the same time… house is quiet and it is my kitty and I relaxing…

Headache always in the background along with sore jaw and shoulder…

I will blog about my experiences each day as unless you suffer a head injury and are diagnosed with a mild concussion you do not know what to expect. If these posts can help someone else it is worth it.

I will say if any doubt get checked out by a doctor. Always better to be safe than sorry.


One thought on “Recovery: Day 3

  1. Rea L. Ginsberg says:

    Keep healing and self-observing…! Your body is forcing you to take some time off — which isn’t such a bad idea after all, right? We’re here, watching and waiting with you…..

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