ER Visit at the Royal Vic

Okay, we all have what I term ‘dumb’ moments and mine was Friday afternoon. I was walking, perhaps slightly jogging up my inside steps when my foot caught on a loose tread and I was down for the count.

Left shoulder took most of it, followed by my lower left jaw and chin. I shook it off, swore as my shoulder throbbed, took a Motrin and resumed preparing Shabbat dinner for 7 that night.

I crashed and awoke literally 30 minutes before our company arrived. Luckily the lasagna was cooking while I slept and I pre-made the salad. Had a wonderful evening and off to bed.

Awaken at 4 a.m. with a bad headache and assumed a migraine was beginning. Three hours later, dizziness, nausea added to the mix and I cannot take any lights or lighting.

Tough it out another hour or so and then tell my husband I think we need to go for the hospital. 9:30 check-in to the Royal Vic at the new Super Hospital here in Montreal. Modern, all new, and close to us.

By 10:45 in a private room in the ER and I am thinking great! Out of here soon….

2.5 hours goes by. My husband finds a nurse to ask for Tylenol for me and I sleep as best as one can in the hospital.

The medical resident arrives and assesses and thinks I need a scan of my head and an X-ray for my shoulder to rule out a concussion and fractured shoulder.

Wait another hour until she comes back with the doctor. Liquids for hydration prescribed along with meds to target my dizziness and nausea. Okay that should be quick….. another hour goes by.

My husband goes and gets me juice and a muffin. Nurse arrives and I cannot eat before the scan…. have to wait longer…. another hour goes by.

Someone comes to take me for the X-ray and scan. Done pretty quick and back to the room to wait for the results.

Take more Tylenol, drink water, sleep….. finally at 6 I get to go home with instructions of no work until Wednesday at least, lots of rest, and limited screen time. Diagnosis of mild concussion and shoulder injury. Only realized the mild concussion part when I pulled out the paperwork that I have to submit to my work for days off…the doctor had originally thought it was a migraine exacerbated by the fall, meaning hitting my head brought on the migraine symptoms.

I will be honest in that I did not remember every word the doctor told me. He had an awesome British accent though!

Home- eat, wash my face, and off to sleep….

Now begins the cycle of sleep 2 hours, up an hour or so and back to sleep and continue. Head still sore, headache always there, shoulder hurts, and I know Physio will be needed.

This morning took off the bandage where the IV was and not a pretty sight. Blotchy and badly bruised, and sore.

Very lucky my shoulder took most of the fall, otherwise I might be in much worse condition….

Lesson learned. Fix loose stair tread immediately and use handrail when walking up the 12 steps!😊

And I found this cool feature on my phone and my laptop where I can make the background lighting on it a warm colour so it does not hurt to look at it. Can only last 15 minutes top before some dizziness kicks in along with tiredness and back to sleep I go!

The staff at the Royal Vic were warm, kind, overworked, and understaffed…. glad to have met such caring individuals and the working conditions are not their fault. Quebec needs to focus on improving our healthcare system.

Did I mention my husband was amazing through all this and will fix all the stair treads today to be extra safe!🤗


3 thoughts on “ER Visit at the Royal Vic

  1. Rea L. Ginsberg says:

    Well, for heaven’s sake, Vikki!! This doesn’t sound like you. Fix the darn tread and always, ALWAYS hold the handrail when negotiating the stairs. We can’t afford to lose you! So DO IT! — So sorry you have to go thru this turmoil. Do what’s necessary and keep healing!! We’re here for you!!

    1. mswwrites says:


      I did not trip going up the stairs on purpose! 🙂 I had a package in my hands that had arrived and I came out of my vestibule to go up my 13 stairs and one of the treads was loose and lucky me 🙂 my slipper caught it and down I went with no warning and no chance to block myself. Left shoulder took the worst of it, thankfully, followed by my chin and left jaw.
      Shoulder hurt like heck-head felt fine….symptoms showed about 14 hours later. Treads all fixed-extra light installed. Lesson learnt!

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