Food for Thought Discussion Groups

Who does not want to eat cookies or a croissant with a cup of coffee or tea?

Does sitting in a room chatting with others interest you?

Have you experienced loss?

Loss of a job?

Have you been exposed to death?

Death of a pet?

Death of a family member?

Death of a friend?

Death of clients?

If yes to any of the above…do you want to discuss this with others? Are you seeking answers? Resources? Are you looking for books to read on the topic? Movies to watch? Do you need to write up a will or an advance care directive? If yes, do you have any clue how to?

If no, then a Food for Thought Discussion group might be for you (FFTDG).

I am getting a group up and running in the Montreal area in February 2019 in the heart of NDG in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I promise cookies or other yummy snacks will be served along with herbal tea & water as what is a discussion without food & drinks!

The meetings can include general discussions, peer support, book club discussions, more hands on work of completing a loss inventory list+, guest speakers, resources, and referral information.

Seeking additional space to host the group AND individuals to attend…

If interested please contact me at: or

call me at: 514-891-0725

***For an update I have 1 space confirmed in NDG near Monkland Village, most likely a Wednesday evening from 7-9 pm. I already have a guest speaker lined up for February.***

My plan is either bi-weekly or monthly meetings- Thoughts?


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