Living Anglophone in Quebec

Okay-totally off topic from my usual message…While I am writing this I am listening to one of my favorite singers-Ed Sheeran. Actually, when I think about it most of my favorite singers are English or Irish! Why is this?

My dad’s side of the family left England to come to the great ole USA, but back in the 1600’s… maybe that English blood runs deep, along with wanting to start over in a new place, and live the life I want to live.

Adele, Sam Smith, U2, The Beatles, Elton John-love them all! Great music to write too.

I did move to a new country in 1999-Canada. Montreal is a beautiful city with awesome food, European flair, fashion, but there are others things I could live without like the language debate, separate English and French school systems, the ‘threat’ or thought of Quebec separating from the rest of Canada….Why?

Quebec, like the rest of Canada is filled with people from different cultures, ethnic groups, speak a multitude of languages, but to me that is what makes Quebec great! Who cares about which school-MAKE all the PUBLIC schools in Quebec bilingual-win-win for the French and English speaking segments. To me the more languages the better. One school system would mean a sharing of the current resources and a savings as only 1 school board.

Why would Quebec separate from the rest of Canada? We can still be unique WITHIN Canada. The rest of Canada looks at us Quebeckers as strange and thinks, ‘What’s our deal?’

Quebec has the opportunity to set an example of inclusion and make the province the best it can be which includes better healthcare access, reduced waiting lists for surgeries, tests, and exams. More home care services are needed for older adults who cannot manage on their own at home, but want to remain at home. We need more GP’s as many are retiring and what is the incentive for medical students or residents to come to Quebec with the whole language battle? Again-bilingual and Quebec can become great. Be the model province to point out that while supposedly the rest of Canada is bilingual-many do not speak or know French and probably the other provinces are not fully bilingual.

I have taken many French courses-I even took a course when I first moved here. I can speak basic French and if a Quebecker who is French speaking talks to me, as long as they speak slowly and clearly-I can understand most of the convo. What I find though-is one is taught Parisian French and here they speak a slang version of French. They talk so fast that I cannot understand most of what is said!

Quebec has beautiful scenery, fantastic nature, and it is the province to go through to get to the rest of Eastern Canada or Western Canada. Tourists here would be lost. Signage in French only. Stores must say Bonjour only-all these language and signage laws!!….again imagine how else all that money could be better spent to encourage tourists to come to Quebec. We have the Jazzfest every summer here in Montreal along with the Comedy Festival, food festivals, music festivals, plus, and cram as much as we can into May-September!

When I first moved here I was told there is the month of July and the rest of the year….It’s very cold and usually pretty snowy here in winter so you have to either embrace -30C or hibernate all winter!  🙂 Okay, it is not always -30C here in winter, but it is VERY cold…

Who else feels the same as me? What other suggestion do you have for the province of Quebec and I mean legit ideas and thoughts…maybe we can create an awesome list and present it to the CAQ.


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