Seeking Ideas for Financing to Launch a Business

If you have read my previous posts about becoming an entrepreneur, writing, and making my dreams a reality-next in the process is a business plan, which I am researching and have begun writing, and after is the all important financing or seed money.

This is what I have come up with for options:

  • Take out a loan
  • Use my personal credit card or Line of Credit
  • Seek investors
  • Create a Kickstarter campaign

Am I missing anything?

What if some of the options listed above are not a possibility? Sometimes events occur in our life and we have to or have used our credit card and line of credit for other things and we cannot turn to them. OR we want to leave some space for a true emergency.

Basically, I am seeking creative options for seed money to begin my dream of launching a consulting, speaking, education, and training company to focus on the issues of death, dying, end of life, bereavement, mourning, and grief.

The website you are reading this on I got up and running 2 weeks ago, although I am sure there are still many ways to improve it. I upped the plan to a premium from personal to have some more flexibility within it. It needs to become a business plan, but that costs more.

I am investing in training and webinars for myself as I can financially or I find free ones. I am researching and reading many books, networking, connecting with other like-minded professionals or ones who have already started their own company through LinkedIn, Facebook, and here on WordPress blogs.

I am speaking to professionals who are authors, consultants, assist with start-ups. I am willing to work hard and continue to learn and grow. I feel like I am on the right path.

I had tried to do all this in the summer of 2017, but events occurred in my life throughout the summer, fall, and winter that put those plans on hold.

It is a new year and there are only a few months to go before 2018 is over. From the moment that 2018 began I knew it was going to be a good year and it has been.

I participated in a local author salon for Journey’s End, I got married recently (2nd marriage), busy writing and editing book 2 as I call it of the Journey’s End series, participated in a few interviews about the 1st Journey’s End book, and I began writing a book about my personal journey to get to this point! Whew… plus I work four days a week as a case manager and group facilitator with older adults and am a mom.

Any ideas, suggestions, and advice appreciated!  Comment below or email me:


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