Turn Your Dreams into Reality…

Turn your Dreams into Realities by Sue Augustine

I came across this book purely by chance when I saw a sign while driving that advertised a used book sale. I LOVE used book sales, used book stores, new book stores, and libraries, and can get lost for hours in one, looking at and reading books.

This is a good book with good information. It definitely has a religious slant as the author mentions God quite a bit, but putting that aside-the information within is excellent. She offers practical, inspiring strategies-101 to be exact on how to make your dreams come true.

She discusses overcoming doubts and fears, insecurities, how to develop short-term and long-term visions and how to break down BIG dreams into doable steps.

“Many people start out with a grand sense of purpose. They tackle a project, launch a new venture, embark on a journey,enter a profession, marry someone special-and then are overcome by the pressure of their own striving to make it a success. Eventually, the reason they began the project or goal eludes them.”

So, Augustine lists 101 effective approaches and practical concepts that are proven to help you succeed if you put them into practice.

I am only in the beginning of the book, but I plan to read a chapter daily and begin what I term 101 days of, turning my dreams into reality.

Want to join me on this journey? If any others have this book or will read it, we can get a discussion going and nudge one another along!


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