The Grief Club: Book Review

I came across this book while browsing a used book sale. I do not know about you, but I love books; put me in a book store and I can spend hours there!

I came across the book The Grief Club. I am only into the beginning of reading it, but I love it already! The author, Melody Beattie is real. I like her writing style, her use of stories within the story, and my heart goes out to her.

Although, I am interested in death and dying, learning about it, writing about it, trying to raise awareness about the topic and get discussions flowing-I cannot imagine what it would be like to have a child die. I have two kids, one of whom is almost the age Melody’s son Shane was when he died.  Shivers go through me just thinking about it.

She describes the grief process and how many years it took to accept her son’s death, to not feel such intense pain and grief. This was something new to me as I thought within a year or two, from my experience, the pain lessens. To have it last a good 7-8 years-I could not imagine.

I have been exposed to quite a bit of death over the years beginning with a multitude of family pets as my parents always had at least four dogs in the house at any given time with a cat when I was growing up. Many extended family members, my ex-husband’s mom and his extended family members, and many clients. I work with older adults and have for the past 18 years; some of whom I have known that long. This is what led me to my interest in writing about, researching, trying to raise awareness, and get discussions flowing on the topics of death, dying, and end of life.

Okay, but back to the book, The Grief Club. Beattie uses words and phrases like, ‘The universal club’ or ‘Welcome to the… club’ (fill in the blank), and a line that really stood out for me was, “Grief is a sacred time in our lives, and an important one.”  She is right.

Her other advice that stood out for me were, the two things that helped her the most; reading stories about life and death with the second being, hearing stories from others about their loss.

To work in the helping professions, to be a good friend, to be human means compassion, empathy, and to be willing to sit and listen and hear the story. At some point it will be you seeking a listening ear as death affects us all. It is part of the life cycle and whether you accept it or not-it is going to occur.

Check out this book if you have not and join us on the journey to discuss, to not fear death, and to raise awareness!


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