#SPN; What?

It has been a little over a year that I joined a wonderful group of like-minded professionals in a group on LinkedIn; Service Professionals Network. I am also part of this wonderful group on Facebook. The focus is win-win marketing and networking.

What I like about the group is the mentality the professionals have which is win-win, give back, pay it forward. I am like this and life is not just about money. Yes, we all need it to survive, but the biggest house, the fanciest car, the newest technology, at least for me, is not my end goal. I rent an upper duplex, I do own a car, and yes I may have an iPhone (not the latest version).

If you are a professional who believes in helping others, making a difference, in the concept of  ‘pay it forward’ then you should check out the group.

If you are not a LinkedIn user, there is a group on Facebook as well.

I help others and in return I want that individual to pay it forward. If someone helps me, I do the same in return.

So, a few shout outs to individuals who have helped me since I began in this group, Michael (Mike) O’Connor– the owner and founder of SPN, Rodrigo Martinez– creator of FYI.TO, Luke Williams #Live20 who spent 30 minutes on the phone with me recently to offer book marketing advice, Ira Bowman who created #projecthelpyougrow, and there are more to come…..When someone helps you-say thank you and in return do something for them; win-win!


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