Need Marketing Guidance Please!

Since I published this post initially, I had the honour to speak with author Luke Williams this morning who provided me with guidance on how to market the book that Julie Saeger Nierenberg and I wrote/edited and self-published with Xlibris in July of 2017. Thank you Luke for the guidance and my plan is to focus on 1 of the 11 suggestions you had each week. My journey has begun-week 1 started and 10 weeks to go!

I am a social worker/case manager and marketing is not my thing. I am slowly getting more involved on LinkedIn and Facebook, and back to writing a blog on a regular basis. It is a real learning curve for me, but I am up to the challenge!

We would love to have more book reviews and can give a PDF version of the book to be read in exchange for an honest review. Yes, you read that correctly, an honest review as we want honest feedback. If you go on the page about our book here on MSW Writes, I have some reviews there already from both readers and those who wrote in the book.

Julie and I came up with a great idea 4 years ago to write a book together and the journey began…

We brainstormed, we wrote, we reached out to other professionals and individuals we knew and asked if they wanted to join this writing journey with us and they did; 52 others and our book ended up having 54 authors in total. This anthology became a big book!

Julie and I edited the book and worked with each individual that submitted a chapter. They sent us a draft, we both edited and made suggestions and sent it back to them with the submitter having final say. They needed to like what was being published. They gave us written permission to use their chapter in our book. and 2.5 years later our book became live!

Julie and I chose to self-publish and used Xlibris. We chose the package we thought was best for us, paid for it, and began the publishing journey. That process alone was long and tedious. Their editing after Julie and I spent hours doing this ourselves was very good. We began thinking about the book cover and we chose the image for it. Actually, I took the picture that is on the front of our book when I was in Lake George, NY in June of 2017. I love taking photos of nature and this photo really spoke to me.

One month after our book was published as an Ebook, soft cover, and hard cover!

The writing and editing alone took 2 years and the publishing process about 5 months.

Our package from Xlibris helped a bit with PR and sending out ‘Just Released’ information, but that took us only so far. Now we are marketing our book!

A lot happened over the past year when the book was just released in both Julie’s and my personal lives and marketing kind of went to the back burner along with book 2. We are both up and running as they say and motivated to market our book and busy writing book 2.

I created a new blog site to focus specifically on my writing and my interests which happen to all relate to my work and the book. Book 1 as I call it: Journey’s End: Death, Dying, and the End of Life, Xlibris July 2017.

Creating this site was also a learning curve for me, but I already had another blog which I had been writing on since 2012, Since I knew WordPress and had experience using it, MSW Writes is WordPress hosted.

So, back to the marketing….I need help please! Advice welcome, creative ideas welcome.

I have a draw posted on LinkedIn as I write this which will give two lucky individuals a free Ebook version of Journey’s End in exchange for honest feedback or a book review about the book. The draw ends on October 5th! I also am posting a few book excerpts for individuals to read and learn more about the book and I have a rafflecopter draw scheduled to begin this Friday,September 28th. Am I on the right track? Should I be doing something different?


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